The Grand Canal

In Hangzhou you will find one of the most beautiful, largest and oldest artificial built Canal Rivers in the world. This astonishing architectural masterpiece with its origin dating back to the first excavating in the 5th century AD ends here in Hangzhou after a 1797 km (1121 miles) long eventful and exciting journey from Beijing.

The canal was rebuilt during the Sui Dynasty (581-618) by the emperor Yang Guang in order to link together two of the major cities in China, Beijing in the north and Hangzhou in the south. This extraordinary project contributed greatly to increase the cultural and economical exchange between the two regions. Just as important, it functioned as a major transportation thoroughfare for the maintaining of the defence of China.

The canal courses its ways through colourful and scenery provinces, linking up five major rivers, among them the famous Yellow River and the Yangtze River. The role as an important artery for the daily life of thousands of people living by the canal is as significant today as it was for their ancestors more than 1000 years ago.