Quyuan Garden

Quyuan Garden You have probably been in a garden but most surely you haven’t been in a lotus flower garden. Anyway, this is your opportunity to correct that. In the Quyuan Garden in Hangzhou there’s more than 200 species of lotus flowers growing in five ponds linked together by small bridges. In the Southern Song Dynasty the garden was called “Qu Courtyard Lotus Wind”.

Facilities are taken care of so you can watch the lotus from different spots at daylight, in the evenings and even on a rainy day without getting wet. Strolling around here watching the beautiful scenery and the mass of lotus is like balm for body and soul. The Garden area was rebuilt in 1980. The garden is close to the Jade Spring and Yue Fei Temple. Open 24 hours.50

Address: 17 Yang Causeway 24 hours