What to see

When you are in Hangzhou the only thing missing is time – there are so many beautiful spots and things to explore and discover, all year long. Every season has naturally its own character and the sights differ as the seasons shift, so if you don’t get it all you have a very good reason to come back again.

The wonderful mix of new and old gives the city a very specific atmosphere. Here you will find so many proofs of the unique cultural and historic heritage, and at the same time you will see that Hangzhou has been well prepared for the 21st century. In some parts of the city you will find modern buildings with an exciting architecture that are not to be seen anywhere else.

It is easy to understand why Hangzhou and its surroundings were known for centuries as “the land of milk and honey”. The city has a reputation for both great natural beauty and cultural and historical importance. There is so much to see in Hangzhou, that visithangzhou.com can only present a few of these places.