Hangzhou is a rich city with many different shops where you will find just what you are looking for.

The tea and silk from this region is famous outside as well as inside China. When visiting a friend, bringing them a box of tea from Hangzhou is a very appreciated gift all over China, it’s very popular and the same goes with the fantastic silk from here. In Hangzhou there’re of course a lot of shops but the shopping centres are mostly gathered in the area around Fengqi road Hushu road and Yan’an road.

Besides the silk and tea there are a lot of clothes stores there as well. But as we are in China, it’s a good idea to buy chopsticks and writing brushes. The writing brushes from Huzihou are of very high quality and they regarded as a highly qualified craftsmanship with traditions going back to the Qin Dynasty 221-206 BC. There is even a night market at Yan’an road every night. Here you find silkscreen paintings, Mao things, pipes, chopsticks, and other typical Chinese items. It’s very thrilling and provides a good glimpse of Chinese life if you’re observant.