Song Dynasty Village

If you will get a feeling how it was in Hangzhou during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) you must visit the Song Dynasty Village. Here you will find people dressed  as in the Song Dynasty days and the village features good historical spectacles. In the streets of this 10 hectares place  you will meet horsemen  and soldiers as well as craftsmen working as in the old days. The Song Dynasty Village is both a theme park and amusement park and is offering good edutainment. In the streets are also regularly performances by acrobats as well as wushu  and shadow boxers and at the open air scene you can see great historical performances.

There is also an indoor theatre with more than 3000 seats. Here you can see one of the most spectacular shows in the world, an intelligent mix of Chinese history and modern technique which makes this one of the best shows you can see also from an international point of view.  The court of the Song Dynasty, fantastic battles, horses crossing the scene, old Zheijiang music and modern music makes it a night you will never forget. Do not miss it when you are in Hangzhou.