Say silk and just the word of this amazing luxury fabric makes ones fantasy run away. This smooth, soft and gentle textile that shines and sparkling like water on a summer’s day has a very long tradition here in Hangzhou. The tradition of making silk in Hangzhou and its province dates back some 900 to 1 300 years ago and the Hangzhou silk is since then famous all over China and in later times starting with Marco Polo all over the world. Today Zhejiang province is the largest producer of silk in China and yes; the home of China’s National Silk Museum is here and it’s of course the biggest silk museum in the world and also one of the most visited and appreciated by tourists from all over China and abroad. The museum includes eight different exhibition halls: Silkworm Hall, Weaving Hall, Relics Hall, Prelude Hall, Folk Custom Hall, Achievement Hall, Dyeing Hall, and the Silk Manufacturing Hall. With this outstanding museum one can say that a new Silk Road has been opened to the world again.