Oriental City of Leisure
Hangzhou has been known for centuries as “The Oriental City of Leisure”. The city is widely known for its waters and mountains which is one reason why one of the most important leisure resources is the outstanding natural landscape.

Today it is possible to visit one lake (the fantastic West Lake), two peaks, three springs, four temples, six gardens, seven caves, eight ancient tombs, nine streams, and ten sights, and still there is more to discover. New unique projects are in progress such as theme parks; new gardens etc, so as time goes by there will be even more in this gracious city to see and enjoy. Not only the city but the countryside as well is made possible to enter for leisure. The outskirts of Hangzhou have many resorts that indeed are very special and worth to see: lakes and hills, all mixed with unique historical village sights, all hosting great cultural heritage. The uniqueness of Hangzhou with its rich tradition and culture means a perfect stray for leisure.