Getting Here

Air, train or long distance buses easily reach Hangzhou from all over China or the nearby region. Timetables and the amount of possibilities makes it easy to enter this rare city.

By air
Just about 27 kilometres from the very city centre of Hangzhou you will find the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (HGH). The airport is located at the southern shore of Qiantang river in the Xiaoshan district. This international airport is one of he greatest in China and has connection to Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Bangkok and Singapore and to 50 Chinese cities.
Shuttle buses run between the airport and the Hangzhou city every 30minutes from 8am to 8pm and cost RMB25. It costs about RMB80-100 for a taxi.

By train
To reach Hangzhou by train is no problem since there are more than 30 cities with direct rail lines connections to Hangzhou. The railway station is located on Huancheng Dong Rd. The newly opened “tourist train” between Shanghai and Hangzhou takes two instead of four hours.

By coach

In the northern part of Hangzhou lies the main long distance bus station and to here arrive most of the buses. From here you can catch a local bus into town or to the railway station if you are going further on. This is the northern bus station which neans you have arrived to the northern part of Hangzhou.

The four long distance bus stations are located in their operational direction that is if you’re heading south you will probably depart from the southern bus station if you’re going west from the western bus station and so on.