What to do

Itís almost impossible not to do anything when you are in Hangzhou so what to do when you think you have seen it all. One nice possibility is to take an early morning bike ride in the surroundings round the West Lake. During this trip you can drop in at the fantastic botanical garden then proceeding riding through the tea villages and getting wild in the fabulous bamboo forests.

You donít have to go round the lake; why not get a boat and explore the lake with your beloved one. There are so many outstanding sights in and around the lake that thereís a chance you will forget yourself and the world around you. Another way to explore this awesome scenery is to walk up the hill where the Baochu pagoda is located; from her you will have the most excellent and thrilling view of the lake and Hangzhou. All of this requires of course youíre fit for walk, but if not donít despair by cable car you can get to the top of another scenic hill, the Beifeng hill.