About this site

About VisitHangzhou.com

Our goal with VisitHangzhou.com  is to develop a first class marketing platform for business and tourism that will show the world and China one of China's most successful and forward-looking cities in the country. The website VisitHangzhou.com has been developed by ScandNet AB in Sweden. 

The team behind visithangzhou.com
Behind VisitHangzou.com is an experienced team of  marketers and web developers from ScandNet AB with Linda Almo as CEO. ScandNet AB is since 1995 marketing destinations on the Internet. In China Wuhan.com, 2008.com, VisitQuingdao.com and  CITYofSAILING.com. But also  Copenhagen.com and Malmo.com and many other destinations.  ScandNet has also developed regional province platforms as Skane.com together with regional authorities.

Scandnet,  developer of VisitHangzhou.com
Scandnet AB, a company in the Scandnet Group, is a company in the city of  Malmo, the 3rd largest city in Sweden. The founder of Scandnet AB is Leif Almo,  an experienced business man that has been working world wide in all the five continents and has visited China several times between 1993-2007. He has visited the city of Hangzhou six times and has been a member of the board of directors of the World Leisure Organization, an NGO in consultative status with the United Nations.  Leif Almo had many meetings with representatives from  the city of Hangzhou as well as the business society.
For his excellence in marketing Leif Almo has also been honored the title “Knight of St George order” (founded in Hungary 1326).