Long nine turns bridge

Strolling around among Osmanthus trees in the Long Bridge Park at the southeast corner of West Lake, just a few centimetres above the water, thrills your fantasy very much. This is one of the Three Lovers Bridges in the West Lake, known for its folk love story: The Long Bridge Which is Not Long. Just sit on the bridge and let all of the beauty around fill your senses and the rest of the world will disappear. The bridge has bows so when you walk along it you experience the scenery from different angels as you stroll.

The Nine Turns Bridge
The Nine Turns Bridge is a somewhat typical kind of bridge since it can be found in many Chinese gardens. One of the purposes of these bridges is that by walking in a zigzag mode you will be able to se all of the flourished richness in the garden from different angels a different scene for each step. The bridge was build alongside with a garden villa and pavilions by a general named Peng Yulin after he had retired. Despite its name, there are in fact thirty turns on the bridge, the number nine is in China often used to reinforce the ways or possibilities things are or can be. Thus The Nine Turns Bridge means that not only are there many turns but also many ways of walking this bridge.