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A first class city for business

In 2005 as well as 2004 Forbes Magazine ranked  Hangzhou as the best Chinese city for business.  And add to this fact that The National Bureau  of Statistics in China ranked Hangzou 8th on China´s top 100 business cities list. Today  Hangzhou is the leading economic engine in the Zheijang Province with its 22 percent of the GDP.

More and more foreign companies have been attracted to the Yangtze River Delta and many are established in Hangzhou  because of the city’s infrastructure and well as educated work force.  Some of the Top 500 multinational companies like Bosch, General Motor, Merck , Motorola, Panasonic, Siemens and Toshiba have made huge investments in the city.

The Chairman of the Songcheng Group Huang Qiaoling and Leif Almo, CEO of Scandnet AB, Sweden.

One of the most famous companies today in Hangzhou is Alibaba.com, the largest e-commerce company in China. The CEO Jack Ma and his team of 18 founders created the company in March 1999 and to get a 40 percent stake in Alibaba.com in 2005 the US company Yahoo paid $1 billion plus that Alibaba took over the search engine Yahoo, China.

Songcheng Group
The first professional private tourist corporation of Zhejiang Province is the Songcheng Group evolving from Hangzhou Worldland & Real Estate Co. Ltd, founded in 1994. Now it has developed into a large-scale enterprise group with headquarter in Hangzhou, comprising of 30 Holding and Share companies, with the total assets of 5 billion yuan. One of the group’s latest projects is the World Leisure Expo Garden.

Chairman of the Songcheng Group is another 
successfull and famous businessman,
Huang Qiaoling