Food & Drink

In Hangzhou you are in the centre of one of six major styles of Chinese cuisine. The food culture of Hangzhou is very light in the sense that it belongs to the cuisine of cooked food. This technique makes it possible to make the dishes with a mix of sweetness and salty, which is one of the distinguishing features of the Hangzhou cuisine. The second feature is that the food is not so oily as in other kinds of Chinese cuisine.

If you are coming to Hangzhou in springtime, one of the things you won’t miss is to try planked new bamboo shots stewed in peanut oil, words simply can describe the taste - you have to come and taste it for yourself. The meat you find inn the menu is mainly pork and seafood, beef and lamb are not so popular as in the North and West. Other sorts of the Chinese cuisine, like Sichuan and Shaanxi, are of course also represented in Hangzhou.

Although you are in Hangzhou and in China, the city offers a lot of possibilities to have a non-Chinese meal. Many restaurants serve food from all over the world, which is good to know, if you are longing for home food.